I am looking for business partner who can open a Branch/Franchisee in Romania


Good day everyone. I am also working in a very prestigious company and Mega Project in Saudi Arabia and a Filipino.

Sante Barley, New Zealand is my side business the mother company of Sante Barley Philippines and I am a franchisee owner of the company and have a position of Executive Director because this will be your position automatically once you are a franchisee owner of the company, but my focus is in the Philippines and trying to get some people or business partner to start the business here in Saudi or everywhere in the world. I noticed that this business is most profitable, and less attention compared to traditional business, you can do business in this kind while working full time.

However, if you make it serious and put sincerity on it this much more better that what you are doing every day!

I am very happy that you are very interested, we can start the business here right after your registration as a franchisee without talking to the CEO because I can register you online and up to you if you’ll use your house as your office or you can open a small office/store it is up to you. Before you commit I wanted you to familiarize everything about business on how to have a good and profitable business.

The business as I have said is MLM in nature a distribution network and because you have good experience in business I am pretty sure that you are very well to this business! There are three (3) types of earning here and the business owner like franchisee or branch operator will enjoy the company incentives plan from 30% to 55% SRP (Suggest Retail Price) how? Because not only from the direct selling you are earning because of the owner’s product price and consumers price is different that you’ll have a direct margin/profit. You’ll be provided by the company’s pricelist later along with your KIT and all entitlements and access to the system to do online order transaction etc.

Registration: The cost of registration for the franchise cost:
Amount: 120,000 – Pesos
Type of Payment – Cash
Account Activation - After receiving the Payment in the Philippines
- Associated Products: Santé Barley Package worth of 120,000 peso also
Content for the Kit:
- 25 pcs. of Santé Pure Barley Pack or Dealers Kit
- 25 pcs. of Santé Pure Barley Retailer’s Kit
- 4 Boxes of fusion coffee
- 3 Boxes Santé Capsule
- 1 Box Santé Pure Powder
- 1 Tarpaulin (2 x 6 ft.)
- Marketing materials/ flyer and brochures
- Company Authorization to engage in business
- Coverage nationwide or worldwide
- Existing dealer can order/purchase items from you
- Free training and marketing support
Advantages for the Franchisee:
- 16 accounts under your sponsorship, you now qualified to get the Executive Director pin rank
- Up to 55% off or discounts of all the Santé Barley Products SRP (Suggest Retail Price)
- You can accept order Santé Barley Products and Santé Barley Packages.
- You can easily expand your business as you have the supply of Santé Pure Barley Pack already
- You will receive 25 Santé Pure Barley Pack with 25 retailers Kit
- You need all sell these Santé Pure Barley Pack at your prospect. This will be their entry to become a Santé Barley distributor.
- Your investment in the franchise package will get back to you 100%

Aside from direct selling profit, the company will provide you incentive right after you buy the products of 30%, another method to earn money is you’ll do recruitment as long as there are some people who is willing to become a distributor, or franchise or branch owner, as many of them that join under you the more you can earn money because every purchase of them you’ll have an automatic incentives from company which you can check it directly online in you company’s account. Our system is more transparency and you can monitor the flow of your account any time anywhere in the world and the reason why you have all these benefits because they are all under you and that is the best company’s incentive scheme, the company will give always incentives to you! So, if you have for example 1,000 people under you! And all of them are working hard and follow or duplicating all what you have done imagine how big your network will be! And how much money you’ll earn every month!

Now, once you decided to become a franchise or branch owner, we can meet and discuss. I would like to explain to you the difference between branch owner and franchise owner. For business nothing is difference because your price is same given by the company. The only difference is that the branch owner is having a branch that the company is paying the rental bill because the company provided this incentives because of the volume of sales orders by the business owner.

Now, the franchisee is that although same pricelist but if you decided to have a display store that will be at your own expense but as I have explained all the entitlements are same.

If you have time this week end much better to talk, we can eat in restaurant and talk about business. We must invest as early as possible to have unlimited income aside from our monthly income and this business is easy and it will not disturb your job or business. There is a saying that “Let your fingers do the business” these is the favorite motto of the bright people.
Because in business people get rich!

Hope I impart good knowledge with you!

Moreover, please watch some videos in my personal created website: Jsu Sante Barley on Strikingly

Jsu Sante Barley on Strikingly
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Best regards,

Jonathan Urbano
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Santé Barley International
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