42 - **Looking For A Girl on an URGENT BASIS For An Issue less Divorcee**

Assalamoalaikum, We are simple respectable and decent Sunni Muslim family from UP, India. We are looking for a girl for our ISSUELESS DIVORCEE son.

Details of our son -

Age – 42
Education - Masters from one of the best and reputed University of India.
Personality - Sunni SHAYKH, Handsome / Complexion very fair.
Height – 5.11”
Job – Well settled, Iqama holder, working in the govt. sector, KSA since last many years.

Requirement from the girls’ side:

Age: Less than 40, should be beautiful.
Marital Status: Any
Nationality: Any

The girl should be NON WORKING, and must be willing to wear ABAYA (Modern HIJAAB and NIQAAB). A girl with a degree in Islamic studies would be great! She should be God fearing, observing her prayers and fasting regularly. She should be willing to perform Umrah and Hajj on a regular basis. She should be a home maker. We would NOT like the girl to work AFTER marriage. InshaAllaah, she will feel very happy and satisfied once she join our family. By the Grace of Allaah, she will get all the facilities. Our son likes to read a lot of Islamic books, texts and articles. Time passers and agents, please excuse us and keep away very strictly.

Email: [email protected]

Only sincerely interested parents may send bio-data along with a photograph of bride on email: [email protected] We are HANAFI / SALAFI / AHLE – HADEETH.
Note: We don’t have any demand and the NIKAH will be performed / solemnized in the simplest and most decent way according to SHARIYAT in Saudi Arabia.
Thank you

Email: [email protected]