I explain the logic in scientific matters

Most students come to me because they have problems with math, physics and chemistry. That means they have to learn how to study.

Therefore I show in texts the connections between thesis, antithesis and conclusions. I explain how they can recognize and search for these connections. After this explanation, they can study thoroughly and usually do so.

I’ve been teaching since 1975. More or less 90% of my students pass their exams well. After five two-hour courses, a law student passed her bookkeeping exam with 13 out of 20.

I have a MBA degree and give courses also in Accounting and Economy, as well as in English, Dutch, French and German and in other courses of high school and of the first two years of the university. I teach in these languages as well.

I am specialised in accounting, for which I developed a scheme, which shows its logic. Due to this logic, I achieve in a few weeks to make students succeed exams. I published a book, in Dutch, which shows the development of this scheme in 25 drawings at http://www.lulu.com/content/e-boek/de-dynamische-betrekkingen-in-dubbel-boekhouden/16650539">http://www.lulu.com/content/e-boek/de-dynamische-betrekkingen-in-dubbel-boekhouden/16650539

I monitor the performance of students throughout the year.

I ask the students to come to my place and I teach for two hours. I demand explicitly that the students bring official books along and thus do not come just with courses written by a teacher. `

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