I enjoy a good sense of humour. I believe laughter can add years to a person's life. I love to be as romantic as the next person. I’m friendly and sociable. I believe I am easy to talk with, have a positive attitude, open mind, and a romantic nature. I love to dance. Music is an important part of my life - listening to it and singing along side with a partner is the most wonderful moment. I enjoy exploring new places, socializing with friends, live theatre, and romantic dinners at home or dining out. Keeping up with current events is part of my daily routine. I've always loved to read and as a result I have an extensive library. I do sports, but it's great if you do. I like to be fit and exercise. I'm strong and hard working, loving, happy, generous and an intelligent professional. I’ve had a successful 26-years career in Marine engineering and proud of my accomplishments. I am capable of accomplishing many things.