We are looking for a religious groom

Sunni Muslim Parents from Hyderabad (India) Seeking a match for their Daughter-born and brought up in Saudi Arabia.

Details of Bride:-
Height: 5' 3"
Age: below 24
Color: Very Fair
Graduating : BA economics (final year)
Location: Hyderabad (India )

Bride is Deendar, Religious and observes Hijab. Well versed in House hold chores.

We are looking for boy settled in in Gulf,UK,US,Australia or Canada. Who belongs to respectable family. He should Understand and give value to Husband and Wife relationship according to sharia.

He should have good relations with Ulema and attends their lectures and hopefully will help himself and his family in following the path of deen.

Interested personnel are requested to share their full biodata and we will revert back accordingly. However, with respect to photo, please note hijab is for women and not for men.

Mobile: +91 897 829 0754/951 5966 834

Mobile : +966 55 027 4177

Same Number for Whatsapp

Note: 2nd marriage/ divorces please excuse