29 - We Are Searching Educated Deendaar Groom for My Sister

اسلام علیکم وه رحمة الله و بركاته
Respected All Readers

I am searching educated deendaar groom for my sister.She is a lovely soul, a very sweet and charming personality.She is educated,well spoken,easy going and family oriented girl, enjoys life with in limits ascribe by Islam.

Our whole family is very educated,cultured,religious and simple.

Profile of my sister:

Marital status: Nikkah Broke down only was Nikkah not Rukhsati "Reason" some Not accteble demands from Boy

1:Name:Falak tara
4:Color complextion
Fair white..
5:Cast: khatri
8Mother:tongue sindhi
9:Height 5.5
10:Father occupation business
11:City area:gulshan iqbal rashid minhas road Karachi
believe on Quran and Sunnah
Family values : according to Islam

Have a look at my sister's profile and if u want to proceed further kindly reply with complete details and contact number.

Plz Plz Only Serious And Intrested msg on WhatsApp 00966535298696

جزاک اللہ