Capabilities Include:
• Full Service Provider – Construction Dewatering, Storm Water Systems, Sewer Bypass, Groundwater Treatment, Slurry Trenches, Drilling Services, Relief Wells, And Pump Equipment Manufacturing
• Design, Modeling, And Consulting For Construction Dewatering, Relief Wells, Remediation, And Pumping Construction Services
• Construction Management Services For Groundwater Control, Remediation, Landfill Gas, And Leachate Systems
• Remediation Services From Design To Installation Through Completion
• Griffin Manufacturing Division That Incorporates Our Capability From Research And Design.

Shoring Works

Shoring is the process of supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench with shores (props) when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. Some techniques of shoring are:-
Trenches shoring systems provide safety for workers in a trench and speeds up excavation. In this case, shoring should not be confused with shielding. Shoring is designed to prevent collapse where shielding is only designed to protect workers when collapses occur. Concrete structures shoring, in this case also referred to as false work, provides temporary support until the concrete becomes hard and achieves the desired strength to support loads.
Beam and Plate steel I-beams are driven into the ground and steel plates are slid in amongst them. A similar method that uses wood planks is called soldier boarding. Hydraulics tend to be faster and easier; the other methods tend to be used for longer term applications or larger excavations.

Equipment on rental
Lohuon Al Arabia provide dewatering pump on rents a wide range of materials and equipment in the dewatering and water well fields:

• Dewatering pumps and equipment
• Pipe work and pump controls • Water well materials and pumps
• Well rehabilitation supplies