Senior Maintenance Technician

The leading CCTV and security company in Bahrain is seeking to hire a senior maintenance technician to handle all the daily maintenances for our existing customers, the technician must have the following experience and skills:

1- Experience in dealing with IP and analog network cameras
2- IP intercoms
3- POE switches configurations
4- CCTV application and mobile configurations
5- Experience in diagnosing faults in cameras systems and communication devices
6- Internet routers configurations
7- Customer communication skills and technical support over the phone
8- The ability to work under pressure and compete the time to achieve the daily targets

The joining date will be ASAP

If you think you are smart enough to join a team of talented, please call for an interview and one day test (Call 77124775) between 8:30 to 12 pm - 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm

We don't accept candidates who are already working at these moments, We want to give people a chance to work

We will provide the following benefits:

1- Fixed Salary (230 to 270 BD) if you have a driving license 10 BD Allowance, every three months we will increase the salary according to the employee performance, it can reach to 350 within one year
2- Monthly bounce
3- Monthly commission
4- Accommodation
5- Transporation
6- Tickets
7- Family visa and family visit visas

(Call 77124775) between 8:30 to 12 pm - 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm