How To Identify Dental Implants By X-Ray?

Dental implants exist in different types to suit different needs. When considering missing tooth replacement, it is essential to understand what is available and what best suits you. For this reason, there are some ways that one can use in the identification of dental implants beforehand. One of common identification is through X-ray. Here we focus on how to identify dental implants using X-rays.

The use of implant x-ray for dental implant placement does not stop at installations; the implant x-ray can also be used after the procedures to determine;

Whether any additional systems are required
The quantity and quality of a patient’s available bones
The size of the dental implants
The position of anatomic structures that the dentists need to avoid
The position of the patient’s natural teeth

In this post-surgery evaluation, you can choose any imaging options. However, x-ray can help better identify the healing progress as well as any need for surgery re-correction or improvement by dentist in spring Tx.