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Towing machine service for a car wreck
Accidents are sudden they can happen anywhere anytime. It doesn't matter how much cautious you are while driving still you can't avoid accidents. Car accidents damage the body of the car and you may need repairing or towing of your car. The services near the road are active and provide you with instant service to your car wreck and help you to take out of the problem.
In case you have survived from the fatal event then it is not always possible that your car will be in good health. In this case, you may get stranded on an unknown road and waiting for help. The towing services near the highway can help you to reach home safely. These services take the wrecked car for repairing into the nearest mechanic.
Every vehicle is not of the same size so there are different types of towing machine. The towing machine provides service to the stranded vehicle on the road. Here is a list of different types of towing machine:
Hydraulic flatbed
With time technology and machines are improving. Most companies use modern hydraulic operated machines. These have a flatbed and used mostly in terrain location to tow the less damaged cars. It is known for the gentleness that it gives to the wrecked car. It has a flatbed that acts as a ramp for towing the vintage or sports car.
The maintenance of the hydraulic system is costly which makes the service for the car wreck expensive than other towing trucks.
Boom towing machine
This tow truck has an adjustable boom which helps to recover the vehicle from any part where the accessibility is difficult. The booms are sometimes fixed with the truck or have an A-pointing coming out from the trucks. It is mainly used to recover car wreck from tough terrains, mountains or an embankment of the river.
Wheel lift machine
It is an evolved form of the hook and chain system. This towing machine is quite simple and used in most cities. It uses metal yoke instead of chains and the machine ensures that the damaged vehicle does not get more damaged while towing. A hydraulic suspend lifts the vehicle from the front or rear side so to pull it away on the small wheels. These towing trucks are cost-effective than other trucks.
Integrated towing machine
The integrated towing machine is a combined form of wheel lifter and boom in a single system. It is used for small cars or towing the cars parked in the wrong place. It is operated by the machine in the cab the truck which makes the pickup quick and convenient. These trucks lift and put the damaged or car wreck in the lobby of the truck.