Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

New locations database may fix theMozilla Firefox Not Responding malfunction–interrupted download processes from Firefox may cause corrupted locations within the database of the app.Recall that:. The history of web browsing and the bookmarks will now be removed.Click the menu icon in Firefox and choose Help?).Go to details for troubleshooting and press Open File from Software Basics.Now, again open the menu list and click the' Power-off' icon.It's going to turn Firefox off now.Now go to your computer's Firefox directory and locate and rename the following files under the profile tab: places.sqlite-> places.sqlite.old and place.sqlite-journal-> places.sqlite-journal.old.Firefox restart.Remove files from restore session.When several Session Restore packages are saved, the web browser will be able to stop running slowly or randomly or Mozilla Firefox Not Responding issue can be solved.Tap on the menu icon, go to Help?) (and collect information about troubleshooting.Tap Software Nasics ' Open Tab.Click again the Menu button and pick the' power-off' option from there.Download the directory from your profile folder: sessionstore.js. Delete any relevant files like sessionstore-1.js and so on.
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