Gentle, Safe And Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal In Sydney!

At Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery, we offer a Safe and Affordable service provided by very experienced surgeons in the field. Are you looking for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney? Make your appointment today! Our highly qualified dental surgeon has removed over 30,000 Wisdom Teeth under extreme care. Our pricings for wisdom teeth removal with anaesthetists ranges from $320 to $375. For more details, call 1300 260 677 or visit

About Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery:

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery offer a great facility for Experienced Dental Surgeons and Oral Surgeons to perform wisdom teeth extractions with affordable pre-established fees. We know that patients are very anxious when it comes to Surgical Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Sydney and we are proud to be able to offer a Safe and Affordable service provided by very experienced surgeons in the field.


Wisdom Teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including decay, infection,crowding and cysts. In most cases, there will not be enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt. It can cause several issues. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are very difficult to clean and brush and Food and bacteria can build up between the wisdom teeth and the adjecent molars, and decay and gum infection can occur.


By limiting our scope of treatment in Sydney to Wisdom Teeth Removal ONLY, we are able to offer great fees to patients and attract experienced professionals to work with us. We have agreements with surgeons enabling us to offer wisdom teeth consultation for FREE. In case you need an X-Ray we also offer in house digital OPG.

Sleep Dentistry:

We understand that patients are vey anxious about wisdom teeth surgery. The Specialists Anaethetists working in our facility are able to offer Sleep Dentistry through IV Sedation in a safe enviroment with all required latest equipment and monitors capable to offer patients a safe and stress free pleasant experience.

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