Beautiful MBBS Dr From Lahore Based Malik Family!

Personal Details
Gender. Female.
Marital Status. Divorced.
Kids. 1 Baby boy / 27 months old.
Age. 26 years.
Height. 5.3.
Color. Fair.
Physique. Smart
Education MBBS from Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad / now preparing for part 1.
Job. Doing MOship in private hospital

Family Details
Father. Businessman.
Siblings. 3 sisters and 2 brothers married.
Caste. Malik.
Sect. Sunni.

City. Lahore.
Area. Sabzazar.
House. Own house.
Size of house. 10M in Sabzazar and 7M in Iqbal Town.

Gender. Male.
Status. Divorced / late marriage case.
Kids. Acceptable.
Age. 36.
Height. 5.6+
Education. Well educated like Dr / engineer or businessman.
Caste. Any good.
Sect Sunni.
City Lahore is preferred.
Area. Any good.
House. Own.
Any other demands. A man who knows how to give respect to wife.
Should accept her kid and she will accept his too if any and he must be financially stable.

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Usman Abdullah Marriage Consultant, Lahore.