Stress Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles

Living with accumulated stress in your brain, body and subconscious mind is not just an exhausting, depleting and depressing experience for anyone... the perils of stress causing all chronic and serious illness and pain that runs and ruins people’s lives. What’s interesting is most doctors only treat the symptoms/conditions rather than the stress causes, thus people respond only temporarily to their treatments or the constant need of them to feel better, while the true causes persist to downgrade their health, happiness and success – and the deeper suffering continues.

Cellular Resonance stress clearing has the power and ability to help people get unstuck from survival-stress mode and turn on their innate self-healing power. And is proven to be a safe and effective method to address the growing mass of physical and emotional health issues caused by inherited, accumulated and repetitive stress and traumatization. For more visit of text Dr. Doug Lehrer at 707-495-5000.

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