Business Opportunity- 100% Safe Investment- Guaranteed good profit- apply Pakistanis only

Business Opportunity with 100% Safe Investment & Guarantee of good profit for Pakistanis – Business start in your City

Dear Brothers
Assalam-o-laikum ,

I have very good business plan with guarantee of 100% safe investment and good profit. This business has great and solid security of your investment and you will feel that money is in your hand because setup of business will be in your city of Pakistan. At start you will not pay any amount and when setup of business start then you will pay. No need to pay full amount of investment at the start. There are different stages of business and you will invest as per the requirement of each stage.

Main benefits of this business are below:
1- You can continue your current job and will not face any tension of your new business. All responsibilities to start and run the business will be mine.
2- You will feel that investment is in your hand because the setup of business will be in your city of Pakistan.
3- As business will be physically in your city so you or your any family member easily can see the status of business.
4- All transactions and activities of business will be recorded by using latest software and anywhere in the world you will be able to check online the each and every information of business.
5- After getting full details of this business you will feel that you don’t need any guarantee from me but you have to give me surety that in future you will not occupy the business because the setup of business will be in your city.
6- This is 100% Halal business.
7- Required amount for investment is 60000 Saudi Riyal (25 Lakh Pak Rupees).

If anyone ready to invest and grow together, please E-mail me to arrange face to face meeting.
Let me know if you are interested to discuss this further and provide below details:
1- Your Name
2- City Name (Pakistan)
3- City Name (Saudi Arabia)
4- Phone Number
5- How much monthly profit you are expecting as investor with investment of 25 lakh pak rupees or how much percentage yearly- 10% or 15% or 20% or 25% (kindly remember I will be responsible to start and run the business and you will not face any tension about this business)

Please only serious people can contact and no time waster. First of all face to face meeting will be arranged with that investor who can prove his financial condition or can provide proof that he has 60000 riyals. Sorry for this condition but I have experience that people does not have enough amount for investment and they waste my time.

Whoever interested for long-term business please contact me and I will explain you about the business structure.

Note: This business is only for Pakistanis because setup of business will in Pakistan, so sorry from other nationalities.

E-mail: [email protected]