South African Luxury Hunting Safaris

Many international hunters travel to Africa for hunting safari with a stay at a luxurious lodge. Hunters come with their families and wish for them to relish a luxury holiday and enjoy amazing activities while he is out hunting. Ikhulu safaris provide the south african luxury hunting safaris at eastern cape and limpopo. All our hunting areas are very comfortable and will be more than adequate for most hunters and their families.

Ikhulu Safaris completes your trophy hunting dreams whether it is a plains game or dangerous game including big five with lots of fun activities other than hunting at a reasonable cost. We have a large area of land where we found a large number of wildlife animals in our hunting areas where you will enjoy trophy hunting with luxury living facilities at our lodges, great hospitality with excellent food. We ensure that you will be enjoying amazing south african luxury hunting safaris with ikhulu safaris.

We provide facilities like four-star lodges, the closest airport, hunting guide services, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, meal, drinks. The rooms are well cleaned with satellite tv facilities, air-conditioning. Bushwalks and game drives are also available, as well as clay pigeon shooting. Due to its proximity to Pretoria and Johannesburg, guided day excursions are also available for non-hunters. For book south african luxury hunting safaris, feel free to contact us.