Assalam o alaikum,
Looking honest bride for Groom
Gender: Male
*Age: 25
*Height: 5.8
*Education: bs.IT
, some Courses
Living in Riyadh
*Complexion: Normal
*Appearance: Normal
*Residence: Riyadh (Family Residence Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
* Own House in Lahore
*Nationality: Pakistani
*Father's Occupation: Engineer currently working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
*Mother's Occupation: Housewife Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).
*Siblings: 1 bro 2Sisters
*Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic
*Marital status: Never Married
*Ethnicity: Punjabi

*Age: 18 to 24
*Cast: Preferably Punjabi
*Nationality: Pakistani
*Status: Never married before
*Prefer city or country: Pakistan, Prefer Riyadh, Lahore,Islamabad etc
*Height: less then 5.8 .. no issue
*Education: Maximum graduate
She should be intelligent.. Hijab Must , Educated and honest in nature
*Sect: Moderately Religious
If u are seriouse then
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