26 - This add is not for those who are looking for VV fair or fair girl.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
I'm posting this add with regards to my sister's marriage propsoal.
A brief description about my Sister:
My sister is very religious, well educated, simple girl from a respected family from Hyderabad, India.
My sister’s age is 26 at the moment.
She is beautiful and has whitish color complexion.
Whatsoever challenges she faces she always had that firm believe in ALLAH SWT that everything is going to an end and it would be always better for her ان شاء الله.
She Follows deen very strictly and observes hijab and devotes most of her time praying and reciting Quran.
She's a very good cook, respects elders and does household chores.
I believe that those who are interested in the real deal of marrying a religious girl and seek to practice Islam together would be an ideal match for us.
She's my only younger sister and we wish the best Deendar, Respectable and a Decent partner for her ان شاء الله

Interested people can share their biodata and pictures on [email protected] and we will revert you back ASAP. Looking for an early marriage.

If there are any sort of demands from a suitable match will be fulfilled ان شاء الله.

Only serious proposals please. Other Nationalities, Second marriages or divorcees please excuse.

May ALLAH almighty help us finding the best matches for our loved ones.
جزاك الله خير