ISRME: Bringing the Best IVF Specialists of the Future

Infertility has taken almost every other couple across the globe in its grab and even though there are several solutions like IVF and other ART treatments in place, the lack of some quality trained IVF specialists and physicians in the country has always come up as the major problem. ISRME (International School for Reproductive Medicine & Embryology) has come up as one of the most renowned IVF and ART training centers in Mumbai whilst offering the best in class ART training to a number of medical students around. The institution was launched by Goral Gandhi who comes as one of the most recognized names in the IVF and ART world for more than 25 years now. ISRME is involved in delivering exceptional training, lectures and hands on practice regarding every IVF component to all the aspirants.

The ISRME team is quite famous for offering the most qualitative and professional knowledge regarding infertility management and facilitated numerous clinicians and medical scientists to touch some big horizons in their professional careers. If you want to know more about us, log on to

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