SR Project Manager, Manager-Operations.Saudi Aramco project's 20 years Exp.

Muhammad Zubair Rana
Project Management Professional
Saudi Aramco SAP#70007024
Cell # (KSA) +966 504584550
E-mail: [email protected]

Executive Synopsis:
Over 20 year’s professional experience of Project’s management, Strong administrative and management skills, successfully completed versatile Saudi Aramco and a number of others customer’s projects, experience includes construction of Oil & Gas plants Projects, Cross Country Pipe Lines, Petrochemical, Power Plants, etc.. Starting from the coordination with designer, execution, commissioning and till the successful accomplishment of the project.

Experience: Plus 20 years, 16 years Saudi Aramco projects.
Skills, the area of expertise:
• Projects operations, Human resources, Financial management and execution of
 Saudi Aramco oil, gas, sulfur, plants, well sites facilities, manifolds, remote Headers, flow lines/trunk lines, and cross-country pipelines installation.
 Pressure vessel manufacturing and heavy structure Fabrication and installation.
 Heavy lifts/equipment installation and alignments work.
 Plant T&I and shutdowns
 Strip out and manifold
 Pipelines maintenance and reconditioning
 Pipeline removal and rehabilitation
 Pre-commissioning and hydro testing.
 Abrasive blasting and FBE Coating Works.
 Thrust boring, HDD, Jackhammer and tunneling system.
 E&I. Communication.
 Rig roads asphalt roads.

• Business development Management.
• Consultancy and Technical management.
• Quality assurance and quality control management, Saudi Aramco approved QA/QC Manager SAP#70007024).
 Haradh Khuff Gas Wells GOSP-2 1190,1040
 Haradh Khuff Gas Wells GOSP-2 1261,1264.1266,1285,1222,1229,1217,1246,1300
 Oil / Water Upstream Projects Department Maintain Potential Division
 Installation of PDHMS 1386,1395,1396, HWYH 491,493,520,560 & 561
 Tie-in Qatif 516 & 517 PWI, 12" New PWI Header & Extension
 Replacement of UTMN 266, 415 & 463 Water Injection
 Tie-in Qatif 548 at P-3 & Qatif 397 at P-23 & Upgrade of 06 Corrosion Skids
 Replacement of Carbon Steel Flow lines with Reinforced Thermosetting Resins (RTR) at Abqaiq Area
 Tie-in HRDH-500, HRDH-507, and HRDH-736 Flow Lines
 Installation of MPFM at ANDR Gosp - 3, 4 and 6
 Installation of Four (4) Water Injection Centrifugal Pump in Abqaiq Area
 Installation of MPFM at SHDGM Gosp - 1, 4 and 6
 Installation of One (1) Water Injection Centrifugal Pump in Abqaiq Area
 Re-Route UTMN 272 and Replacement of UTMN 419,189 and 420 Swd Headers
 Installation of 8 PDHMS and E and I and SSSV Panels for UTMN, HWYH, HRDH Wells
 Installation of 8" GRE Line from WTF-2 to Disposal Wells RKH 9 and 10
 Installation of Low Production Header at ABQ GOSP-2
 Lateral Replacements with RTR of Corroded Flow lines @ GenahAndr-349 Tie-in CS 6" Replaced by RTR
 Trunkline Replacements @ Hywh Wells in Trunk Line Manifold
 Haradh East and West Water Header Replacements 16” CS Piping
 Tie-in 8” Haradh 246
 Tie-in 8” Layl-01
 QUU 1&2 Pipeline Rehabilitation PH III from KM 40 to KM 48
 Khuff gas maintains potential various projects.
 Crude oil Maintain potential various projects.
 Crude OIL PIPELINE and communication projects. (Contract # 6600014977)
 Gas plants extensions and installations. (Contract# 47062/00)
 Crude OIL Cross country pipelines. (Saudi Aramco BI-3092 & BI-00004, Contract No. 8230-Cob-FC-GPVB-0010, BI-# 2008)
 Crude oil Pipeline rehabilitation projects. (BI-3092 & BI-00004)
 Gas and oil separation plants, shedgum, aindar, uthmaniayh.
 Sulfur forming plants. (Saudi Aramco BI#3167)
 Maintenance /reconditioning projects (upgrading well pads, work over, removal of existing Buried P/lines and sleeves installation works). Commissioning of the plant (sulfur, gas).
 Upgrade firewater and utility water system project.
 Strip-Out and Re manifold Project at UTMN, HAWIYAH, Hardh, and Harmaliah Area