Google Account Recovery

Step 1: Open the Google sign-in/Account recovery page and click on on the link “Forgot password”.
Step 2: Enter the last parole you keep in mind mistreatment with this account.
If you don’t keep in mind any previous passwords then move onto consequent question. Google – provided you have got superimposed your phone to the account – can currently send a prompt to your phone to verify your identity for google account recovery.
Step 3: faucet ‘yes’ on the phone then choose the amount displayed on the pc.
select the amount shown on the pc - a way to Recover Google Account PasswordThis can directly send you to “create a brand new password” page, when that you'll be able to log in to your account.
f you haven’t superimposed your phone, then attempt otherwise. Next, Google can send a verification code as a text message on the sign you provided throughout account creation.

Step 4: Enter the verification code sent to your phone.
If this doesn’t work either, then move onto consequent step.
Step 5: Answer the protection question to verify your identity.
If not, locomote to consequent step.
Step 6: Enter the verification code sent to your recovery email address.
Upon substantiating your identity, Google can send you to the “create a brand new password” page.
Additional steps for a G Suite Administrator if all previous steps failed to work:
If you probably did not came upon a tool for verification throughout account setup, then Google can raise you to feature a CNAME (Canonical name) to your domain’s DNS records for verification.
Step 7: Open a brand new tab and check in to your domain host’s web site.
Step 8: Navigate to the Domain’s DNS records, and add a code that Google provides because the label and because the destination.
Step 9: Save the changes and come back to the account recovery page and click on next.
You will be asked to supply associate degree alternate email address for them to contact you once they need verified your CNAME.
Step 10: give the e-mail address for Google to contact you back and click on “Next”.
Google can currently verify the CNAME you provided and find back to you among seventy two hours. If you would like to grasp a lot of regarding making a CNAME visit Google support page
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