‎(x54tfdz) The good price! -Get New Company ‎Formation with**"‎

‎(x54tfdz) The good price! BD 56 -Get New Company ‎Formation with**"‎

We work on:
‎1Providing all the information needed concerning investment opportunities in the Kingdom of ‎Bahrain.
‎2Finding business activities that are relevant and related to the investor's business.
‎3Providing legal consultation
‎4Providing all the information needed about establishing a company and business inside the ‎kingdom.
‎5Providing company establishment assistance and providing the commercial addresses.
‎6Providing assistance in obtaining the Company's CR.
‎7Providing administrative consultation
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‎+973 35676270‎
‎+973 33148049‎
‎+973 34221143‎
‎+973 35691371‎

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