Dear I'm belongs to Pakistan, Lahore and working in KSA looking wife for myself by itself without parents if someone agree on it then contact with me and after contact never ask any question that why I not involve my parents in this mater others stay away from me.

Girl should be white color
Not be high educated
Should know cooking and house hold work.
Know the value of husband instead of "MERA JISAM MERI MARZI"


I'm looking for myself brides who are needy and want to settle her life in household work. age should be below to my age or up till 32-33. White color, not be rude.

My bio data is under:-

Name; Babar Sohail
Education: B-Tech (Hons) Automobiles
Sect: Sunni
Cast: Rajpoot
Height; 5.6
Color; White
Doing job in oil and gas plant Aramco KSA
Parents not alive
2 sisters married
For whatsApp : +923214578230