Digital Tutor 1 Pen Drive for all LKG to X - CBSE - Easy learning Without Internet

Dear Parents / Teachers / Students

I am selling a pen drive / USB that is programmed for CBSE from LKG to X standard in one pen drive for SR 300/- program validity is for 1 year and for renewable for next year SR 100/-

LKG to X Digital Tutor - CBSE – Maths / Science / Social / Grammar / EVS

Additional: Experiments / Time Lines / Calculators / Dictionaries

Study / play / fun in one pen drive

Use Program without Internet (no more internet distraction for children)

One pen drive for the whole family less than SR 1/- per day

Save money and time for tuition classes.

Children usually face difficulty in asking questions to the teacher because of hesitation or some time fear of humiliation in front of other students.

The voice tutorial is so easy to understand and can be repeated as many times as you like.

Tips: Chapters are organized as per NCERT Textbooks (Teachers / Students who are using textbooks other than NCERT can search particular chapter / topic through search engine found under additional search

Use search engine to search sub topic within topics.

Easy to Use – 3 simple steps:

Select subject – select class – select chapter - GO

Please contact for more information:

Mohammed Amin
Mobile & What’s app - 0556618276
(24/7 available)