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At Wisdom Dental Emergency, we are dedicated to providing safe, gentle, and offer efficient treatment at a reasonable price. With expert dentist in Melbourne, we have safely removed over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth. Our Wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne ranges from $250-375 for surgical wisdom teeth removal and $970 for ALL on 4 Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal. Book your appointment today. Call 1300 217 858 or visit

About Wisdom Dental Emergency:

Wisdom Dental Emergency works in collaboration with general dentists, endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney; and oral maxillo facial surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney. Dr Pinho (Dentist) is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is also the surgeon operator for the great majority of surgical extractions and surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Each case is individually assessed and referrals to see specialists such as an oral surgeon or an oral maxillo facial surgeon are discussed and offered where appropriate or requested. For more to visit

Oral Surgeon in Melbourne and Sydney:

We work in collaboration with oral surgeons in Melbourne & Sydney; we are the wisdom teeth professionals! We are a health team dedicated exclusively to the painless, efficient and safe wisdom teeth removal, dental emergency and tooth extraction cost in Melbourne and Sydney.

WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL in Sydney and Melbourne:

The Wisdom tooth, or Wisdom teeth ( also called Third Molars ) usually do not push through the gums until the late teens or twenties. Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to come through the gums.

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