Rent-a-car in Bangladesh BEST prices

no matter where you are in any country, fill your car at home, online or outside of Dhaka, to travel or travel anywhere in the country. All types of private cars, micro buses, jeeps, AC minibus services are provided to suit your or your organization's needs. Fare is determined by distance and time of travel. There is no hidden charge. You will get any kind of car from us. We're giving you ac private car, noah, haice, ambulance and pickup, cover van. We are offering you the lowest car rental. For example, private car daily rent of rs 1,800 / - to 4.000 / - of different brands, Noah 2,500 / - to 4,000 / - of different brands, Hayes 3,500 / - to 4,000 / - of different brands. You can rent a car for one day or You can rent for 6 months or 2 months or annually. We are offering the lowest cost car in dhaka.
For trained driver, advanced quality car, safe and modern service please contact: +8801977755007.