SAR 20 / day - Tiffin service available for executive bachelors

Hello everyone

I'm willing to offer tiffin services
For executive bachelors

20 sr per tiffin
Lunch and dinner for now(40sr)
Breakfast on demand

Home made 2 big chapati,
Sabzi, gravy /dal
Rice, salad

Veg,nonveg,pure veg available

North Indian style, Bombay style, Maharashtra style, 30 days different vegetables.

Tasty, healthy, hygienic, delicious
Nutritious, balance diet, quality food

We are accepting only 10 tiffin.. Because it's not a business it's a service

Try and book a trial tiffin

Delivery available if more than 3 tiffin

First come first serve basis

WhatsApp contact only.. 0567191769