SAR 4000 / Point of Sale (POS) device including software.

A point of sale system that simplifies the way you have been conducting business.
With POS, you get what you need from a point of sale system, and so much more you'd never expect. All that power resided inside a single box - no additional accessories or add-on hardware required.

Monitoring Sales, Monitoring Stock, Automated Low stock report, Inbuild Tax Calcullation (KSA), Yearly, Monthly, Quarterly, Weekly Sales report.

Easy data entry process for accounting calculations.
Most probably, we customize our software for customers needs.

***4000SAR only for all the above mentioned, Including 2 years of written agreement for Warranty services and support.***

As you unpack, you'll find the POS - a uniquely designed, plug-and-play point of sale system featuring a built-in.

(All-in-1) unit
15" wide-touchscreen display
Performance Core
In-built Barcode Reader
80mm Receipt Printer
2 Receipt Rolls.

Cloud Inventory Management
Dashboard Reporting.

Jeddah, Software, SAR 4000 / Point of Sale (POS) device including software.