Kerala Movers and Packers offering the best Lowest Rate Moving Shifting Movers And Packers in Kingdome of saudi arabia very reasonable charges. We are Professional Movers, Packers, Transportation, removal & shifting expert. in relocation. We can offer a simple, stress-free moving experience. We have been moving homes for decades, and we know that all our customers have different needs.

Low cost and fast service 0 5 6 6 2 4 9 9 6 1
House office villa flat all packing and Moving
All over K S A
Furniture dissembling open and fixing processional carpenters and Labours available
and 24 Hours six wheel Available
Day and night service all over K S A
Whenever you have any assignment in any city of K S A, you can contact us for loading, unloading and reassemble of household belongings. Please consider the following
. You want to labor, trucks & carpenter and all 24hours loading unloading service.
. Complete House Office Shifting Services Available
. International Standard Packing & Unpacking
. Dismantling and Re-fixing of Furniture Curtains
. Split Unit, LCD, LED Curtains Blinds Air Conditioners Removals & Fixing
. All House Internal Settings
New Furniture for Offices & Houses
. We are offering to shift your HOUSE, OFFICE VILLA & FLAT
. Dyna Trucks available
. Packing of items
. Dismantling & reassembling of furniture Special packing for fragile & crockery
Removal of packing debris
We are very delighted to serve you. Our aim is customer satisfaction.
Thank you