Online Tutoring (055-9564344) (Physics-Chemistry-Maths) Dubai Maths tutoring by Anil Khare

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Dubai Maths tutoring by Anil Khare. Teaching students from top schools in Dubai such as DIA, DAA, JESS, UAS, Raffles, Dubai College, Jumeirah College, DESC, DBS, Uptown, DIS...Tutoring locations: Dubai Knowledge Village & Dubai Motor City.
Tutions for IB Maths HL/SL - Tutoring focuses on explaining IB Specifications / Concepts, Answering Past Papers (last 10 years), Tips & Tricks to understand IB exam pattern byAnil Khare prepares top 100 Questions for IB Maths just before the exam that are very helpful for students. All the 103 concepts of IB Maths are incorporated in these questions.
Tutoring for AS / A level Maths (C1, C2, C3, C4, M1, S1, D1) - Maths lessons are more intense based on understanding the Edexcel board requirements. The exam-based questions are solved completely with extra questions prepared by Anil Khare to re-enforce Maths concepts. Special focus is given on getting the 90 to 100 % band. Many students have scored this band based on Anil Khare Maths tutoring techniques. Anil Khare has worked as an Examiner before.
IGCSE Maths (CIE, Edexcel), IGCSE Physics (CIE, Edexcel) - Very focused tutoring that lays emphasis on maximising the marks that can be scored in every question.