Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu , We are A Decent and Well educated Deendar family Alhamdulillah seeking well settled Groom for our Sister Below are some details of Our sister . She is a practicing pious Muslimah, Alhamdullilah.* *She observes all the obligatory acts of worship like offer five time prayers, Fasting etc.* *Follows Hijab, reads Qur’an regularly. She is simple well-mannered, caring and understanding.* *She is well versed with household responsibilities and chores.*

*Assist her mother in all preparations. If you are interested in our sister's profile, please share Groom latest Biodata and normal clicked Photos on WhatsApp number given below*
Phone : wats app : 9700145180 ( brother )

Age : 24 yrs
Colour : Fair
Qualification : BSC Nutrition
Height : 5’7

Note : Looking for well settled groom graduate or post graduate , Who balance Deen and Duniya
We are free from Shirk and biddah and seeking the same in sha Allah , Jazakallah hu khaira