26 - Looking for Bride for our younger brother

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Society has made Marriage very difficult, because of demands and wasteful expenditures. But we hope to change it by changing ourselves first, We are looking for religious bride free from shirk and Biddah for our brother aged 26 working in Hyderabad Color: v.fair Height: 5"10 B.Tech Civil Engineer.

The groom is planning to migrate to Canada/Australia or Middle East and planning to take the wife with him.

We want to do a simple marriage without any dowry and expenditures immediately.
Nikah just for the sake of Allah Our demands are that the girl is Ahle hadees/salafi and religious, practising, good looking & v.fair. And must be home maker and knows household chores May Allah make it easier for all of us
Hanafi people and Tableeghi/ fatiha durood & Agents please excuse.

Please contact or whatsapp on this number : +966572540581 or +919642051059