21 - Seeking Groom for B.E(Computer Science ) Final year

As Salam Alaikum,

Dear Parents,
We are seeking Religious Groom who follows Quran and Sunnah and belongs to a decent and respectable Family.

Bride details :-

Name : ABC
Age :- 21 years
Height :- 5'2"
Complexion:- Very Very Fair and Beautiful
Education:- Pursuing B.E (Computer Science) Final year
Legal Status:- Indian Citizen
Marital Status :- Unmarried
Religious Sect :- Sunni Hanafi
Language :- English, Urdu
Ethinicity :- Hyderabad, India

Requirements in Groom:-
Age :- Below 27 years
Colour :- Very Fair
Height :- Minimum 5'7"
Profession:- Professional Degree holders from Hyderabad/USA/Canada/Gulf/Any
Marital Status:- Unmarried
Sect :- Sunni
Ethinicity:- Indian Hyderabadi preferably
Kindly send Photos and Bio-Data of the Groom on the following WhatsApp numbers, We will revert back with the Details of the Bride Inshallah.

Please Contact:-
Bride Father:- 8247640690
Bride Mother:- 8885558592

Agents please Excuse