Please read the ad before asking questions
Please read the ad before asking questions
Please read the ad before asking questions
Please read the ad before asking questions
(Carrier minded females or those who want to work after marriage need not apply)

This is malikyasir mehmoodkhan. How are you?
I am a male, straight, 44, divorced and have a son who is 14 and he lives with his mother. I live and work in USA as an attorney and wants to try marriage again after 5 years of divorce. I am looking for a female for marriage.

I was born in pakistan and is punjabi. I dont like to introduce myself as punjabi, sunni, shia, malik or any other thing. I believe in humanity. Although my father belong to thaana choontra which is 50 km from pindi.

I am seeking for soulmate ,who is kind hearted ,polite nature and looking for love. I prefer a female who is divorced or widow but no kids or one child only. Someone under the age of 40 or around. Singles are encouraged to respond. I will be happy.

Education, race, cast, sect, looks don't matter. If you cant read or speak english thats ok. I dont mind. Some one who wants to grow old with me. I am trying to settle in makkah or madina. Inshallah. Although i have my own house in California and a good government job. But my heart goes to madina munawarra. I have my own house in karachi also which i inherited from my deceased parents.

Currently i am in karachi (stuck here due to corona) and trying to go for umra. From there i will go to USA inshallah. My parents are diseased and my sister lives in sydney and brother in norway. I dont smoke. I dont drink wine. I dont do drugs. I like mango lassi and fish biryaani.

My cell number of USA is 001 305 504 6281

My karachi cell is 0302 147 5735
My whatsapp is 0318 4315544

Note: please read the ad again and again before asking me questions. I repeat again please read the ad before asking me questions. Also, if you ask questions then have patience. Mostly females want replies within a minute. I can be busy in namaz or zikar. Please treat me like a potential life partner not a slave.

Also, please dont ask me to buy properties in your name. It shows that the other side is greedy and gold digger. Also, dont ask me to send money through easy paisa or jazz cash. Its fraud. I am here for marriage not for charity. Please understand this and respect the institution of marriage. Its sunnah.

Its my experience that divorce and khula yaafta females are stubborn and bad tameez. (Mostly). Also, Their target is to secure good future for their child not to start a family with the husband. This is greed. Bohat jhoot boltee hain. Jhoot bool ker shadee nahee hoti. They want to discuss my previous marriage but dont tell the truth why they got divorce.

Parents and brothers are worried sick about their marriage or remarriage but they dont know that their own daughter is making it hard. Please understand that shah rukh khan and akshay exist in films only.

The common law:
Its a common practice when a female ask for my picture then its obligated on her to provide her photo. Its bad manners not to provide your pic. Will i still marry you who dont honor your words?? Who is a compulsive liar.