34 - Looking A Bride Girl Women From Anywhere In The World For Marriage

Assalamu alaikum ..
I am an Engineering and Management professionals & good Practicing Muslim.

Married and separated, where my wife is a patient of health problems living with her parents with kid 6yr old boy.

I am looking for true practicing muslim women, should know what is Halal and Haram. should practise proper Hijab.

I don’t mind accepting Divorce, seperated, Widow or Unmarried. but without kids.

i need only who follow proper Aqedha who can bring children on proper dheen and Aqedha. I'm ready to accept that girl from anywhere in the World.

if you are the one then pls do reach (whatsapp & call) +919443021564.

Reverted are most welcome.

Looking for a wife who can lead a beautiful family with love and peace.

NO Demand.. nikah will be on Sunnah way.