Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wbrkth

we are sunni hanafi basically from Hyderabad,India,were
residing in Ksa since a long time My son was brought up in
a very Islamic environment Alhamdullilah.He is very down to earth and soft spoken,Away from all kinds of unlawful music,screen entertainments and also from innovative/non sunnah activities like dargah/fatiha/durood.

Few details about him:

Age: 34
Marital status:Never married
Profession:senior QA QC engg.(riyadh based co.)
Appearance:very fair(has sunnah beard )

We are looking for a religious girl (niqabi)does hijab as per shariah
Fair and good looking
Height atleast 5'3" or above
soft spoken and understanding
alima fazila hafiza will be more preferred

if you find it suitable kindly share biodata and photos on whatsapp +91 9515966824