33, Software Professional From Hyderabad Seeking Bride (Age: 24-30)

Assalamualaikum! Looking proposal for Self. I am caring and very much loved by all in family. Like to travel and visit new places whenever I am off from work and makes everyone laugh around with my great sense of humour. I am Independent, honest, moderate, down to earth, knows moral values of relations and ethics of Islam, focused and goal oriented. Iam currently working as a Software Engineer in Hyderabad, India with a well reputed Software firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA, United States. We belong to respectable small family. I have graduated in BSC-IT single/never married Age: 33, 5.5, fair and looking for a life partner. I will InShaAllah! be a loving and responsible husband and I hope my future wife would be the same. May Allah help us all to find our good and honest life partners. Ameen! I am a practicing Muslim and looking for a sunni practicing Muslimah to complete half of my deen and to fear Allah and please Allah for the rest of my life and live a happy life together, I don't have any demands whatsoever.). We are Looking for Graduate, single/never married, practicing bride age: 24- 30 from simple and respectable families in Hyderabad. No district migrates/divorce cases.

Note: People looking for USA, UK, CADANA, Australia or any xyz countries PR/Citizens/Green Card holders proposals please DON'T CONNECT.