55, Seeking Saudi Born Hyderabadi(Indian) Bride For My Son

Region: Hyderabad(India)
My son is currently working on H1B Visa in USA in one of the top construction organisations as Structural Engineer. We are seeking a muslim bride from a decent and respectable family of Hyderabad(India).
Education - M.s Civil Engineering (USA)
B.E Civil Engineering -Hyderabad -JNTU
Age- 25 years
Height- 5 feet and 9 inches

Requirements -
- Bride must be from Hyderabad
- Must be Islamic and hijabi
-Should be well qualified
- should be beautiful
- should be Saudi Born only.(compulsorily)
Contact on following numbers only if the following requirements are fulfilled.
Phone- +91 9160519474(mother) , +91 7672068288(father)