As Salam ali Kum wa rahmatallah wa barakatuhu,

Dear Guardian,

By the Grace of Allah, We are a Hyd based family settled in Jeddah seeking an Alliance for our Son 26 years with height 5'8" ( Approx ) height working as a Financial Analyst in Reputable Company.

We prefer a HYD girl to be Simple, Religious, Full Hijab observing (Niqabi), Good looking and well mannered from a decent family.

Note : We will revert back to families in case of positive response, for further proceedings. We DO NOT follow Dargah, Fateha etc.
We have no demands Alhamdulillah, Prefer to do marriage in KSA, Inshallah

May Allah grant our children right spouse with happiness. Ameen

Interested families may send details of the Girl.

Contact : [email protected]