Seeking Deendaar Bride For Engineer Groom KSA

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wbrkth

we are sunni syed basically from Hyderabad,India,were
residing in Ksa since a long time My son was brought up in
a very Islamic environment in KSA .Alhamdullilah.He is very down to earth and soft spoken,Away from all kinds of unlawful music,screen entertainments and also from innovative/non sunnah activities like going to dargah/fatiha/durood.

Few details about him:

Age: 34
Profession:senior QA QC engg.(riyadh based co.)has family visa
Appearance:very fair,Good looking,has sunnah beard
marital status:never married

Looking for a religious,pious muslimah, hijabi/niqabi
Fair and good looking
Height atleast 5'3" or above
soft spoken and understanding
Alimah/hafiza/fazila (optional/will be more preferred)
Unmarried/widow/short term divorce(no kids)

if you find it suitable kindly share biodata and photos on whatsapp +91 9515966824

jazakallah khair