Dear parents

Just now I have seen your matrimonial adv in expatriates regarding daughter's proposal.
am looking proposal for my self for second marriage yes I have my first wife too but wife not residing with my parents since last 7 years. And I am the only son and 4 sisters were married no body is there to takecare of my old parents that's why I am only staying with my parents cooking and doing all what they needs. I have 3 daughter's all are residing with my wife near my in-laws home and I am and fulfilling all essential needs, not divorcing because I am also a father of daughters.
Can't hurt someone's daughter and our beloved prophet (SAWS) also advise to marry more then 1 if you required but he never said "if you have 1 and you want marry another then divorce the first one.
But in our muslim community people doesn't follows the instructions of beloved prophet.
And others communities are taking advantage of our mistakes. So parents please don't ask only for divorced boy muslim man can marry 4 if he is able to give equal rights to all wifes.

I have a reason to marry another one if any issues arise I will handle it with care.
No need to worry about.

Details of my self :
We are sunni muslims
Age 37
Qualification :

Present Occupation : Marketing Manager in real estate company

Past occupation was service advisor in American automobiles in Saudi Arabia and technician supervisor in Mitsubishi and cmc workshop in Dubai.

I have mentioned all about me If you are interested please contact me with details & pictures.